Don't Stop Being Awesome

“if you still talk about it - you still care about it”
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I just want someone who will sing with me, so loud and so horrible, but that wouldn’t matter because we’d be singing horribly together.
Someone who will watch Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, and How I Met Your Mother with me.
Someone who accepts me for who i am, especially since I’m not going to school and I work a minimum wage job that I complain about but I actually do love it.
Someone who doesn’t make me feel alone, ever.

me: relationships are stupid ill just be alone
me: omg look at that cute couple fuck i am so lonely
me: people are shit i dont need them
me: i need someone to cuddle with me
why i’m single
  • i’m awkward
  • i’m ugly
  • i’m annoying
  • i’m ugly
  • i’m weird
  • i’m fat
  • nobody gets my humour
  • no one likes me
  • i’m ugly 
  • i’m awkward
  • i waste my life on the internet

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